Free Rider 3
Posted date: Jul 20, 2012

Over 6 years ago Free Rider 1 was released to the world creating one of the most successful Flash game franchisees in history. Then came Free Rider 2. Over 100 million people have driven that little stickman in a baseball cap to his death. Millions of maps have been created, thousands of fan Youtube videos and countless unlicensed clones have emerged (You know who you are!).

Now today the right team has been assembled and Free Rider 3 is in production. Expect new vehicles, new riders, new craziness, new level sharing, leaderboards, community features like you've never seen before. Most importantly, We want YOUR feedback to make Free Rider 3 the best game ever, write down your suggestions for Free Rider 3 below and help us complete this trilogy of awesomeness.

- The Kano Games Team

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