Welcome to the Kano Games robot builder! Customize your very own robot by choosing parts from the menu on the right. Move parts by clicking on them and dragging them to desired locations. Use the orientation and layering controls at the bottom to further customize! Once done save your Kano/Bot!
Get Started!
  • Instructions

  • 1) Choose your parts
  • 2) Rotate ( Use Buttons )
  • 4) Move ( Click and Drag )
  • 4) Layer ( Use Buttons )
  • 5) Click Save ( Top Right )

Build A Robot

Build robot! Select parts to build your own custom robot, choose from a wide variety of parts to give your bot the ultimate customization! Select parts from the menu on the right, once selected you can move around by selecting the part, rotate through the slider control and layer with buttons in the bottom menu. After you are happy with your part selection you can move onto the next robot part by selecting "Next Step" and continue to build out your bot. After you have finished building your robot and are happy with your customization click "Save KANO/BOT" and voila you now have your very own gaming robot and are ready to start gaming! Game on!
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