Welcome to Free Rider 3! The only official sequel to Free Rider 2. Free Rider HD is out! HTML5, playable on desktop, tablet and mobile! Play FRHD at FreeRiderHD.com

4.5/5 (1012 ratings)
What's New In Free Rider 3
Checkpoints Beat the long tracks! The clock keeps running to keep it competitive!
Built For Performance Improved performance over previous flash versions
Race Your Friends Players can share and challenge other friends with their best runs
Tracks on Tracks on Tracks 1000's of top rated Free Rider Tracks
Watch Instant-Replays Save replays of cool runs for sharing and later viewing
A Dedicated Team Supported by a team of developers with frequent updates
The Story So Far

Over 6 years ago Free Rider was released to the world launching one of the most successful Flash game franchises in history.

Then came Free Rider 2. Over 100 million people have driven the baseball-capped rider to his death. Millions of tracks have been created, thousands of fan videos and even unlicensed clones have emerged.

The true strength of Free Rider has always been you, the community. Free Rider 3 is only the start of things to come. Our developers are ready to hear your feedback, add new features and build the game you want.

  • Free Rider 3 FAQ
Who made Free Rider 3

Free Rider 3 was a joint collaboration between OneMoreLevel, Pete and the Kano Games team.

Why did it take so long?

The rider was holding out for more money. Chiropractors aren't cheap.

The Game is laggy, how do I improve my frame-rate?

We are aware that larger and more complex tracks will cause significant slowdown. It is due to the old Flash version FR3 is based on. We are working on a new HTML5 version that will eliminate this problem. In the mean time, try adjusting the camera and closing other windows/programs.

A track I made is on here, what gives?

FR3 is the culmination of all other versions and communities over the years. We are aware of how awesome the FR community is and the incredible track making talent out there, and aren't in the business of upsetting anyone. If you feel you were not credited or credited incorrectly for your track, send us an e-mail and we'll sort it out. We may even send you a Solid Gold Free Rider 3 BMX Bike or a t-shirt (most likely a t-shirt).

I have a suggestion or feature I want added.

Awesome. We have a hungry team of developers locked in a basement in Canada waiting to hear from you so send it in.

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