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Geneva Convection

Geneva Convection

May. 8/13 misc Games
The Geneva Convection is a great new flash game from the 2013 Ludlum Dare. This extremely difficult time management game will have you on your toes at all times as you attempt to maintain balance in your evil villain cave. Prepare to fail a lot as you learn what it takes to be a super villain. INSTRUCTIONS: Twisting the knobs controls power to the rooms Red = overpower, Blue = underpower. Try to keep all the valves neutral (neither red nor blue) unless you need to drastically change temperature. If the knob is blue, the room will cool down over time. If the knob is red, the room will heat up over time. If the monitoring room is underpowered, the generator room will go static. Launching a satellite increases the range (you want the 2nd satellite ASAP). Upgrading a thermostat will make temperature control easier. Upgrading valve quality will make the steam vents have less of an effect on the valves.


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