Hamster Battle

We have a large collection of games that are similar to Hamster Battle for you to play, such as Sky Pigs, Letterblox, Battle Paint and many more.

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Hover Kart Battle Hover Kart Battle multiplayer
Battle Dawn Battle Dawn multiplayer
Blockles Blockles multiplayer
Fourplay Fourplay multiplayer
Crazy Battle Crazy Battle defense
Battle Golf Battle Golf sports
Ink Battle Ink Battle defense
Battle Panic Battle Panic defense
Battle Command Battle Command multiplayer
Air Battle Air Battle action
Battle Towers Battle Towers strategy
Battle Masters Battle Masters strategy
Sky Pigs Sky Pigs multiplayer
PuttPuttPenguin PuttPuttPenguin multiplayer
Hit Machine Hit Machine multiplayer
Battle Camp Battle Camp strategy
Pool Pool multiplayer
Missile Command Missile Command multiplayer
Letterblox Letterblox multiplayer
Jigsawce Jigsawce multiplayer
Hover Kart Hover Kart multiplayer
Gemmers Gemmers multiplayer
Dinglepop Dinglepop multiplayer
Checkers Checkers multiplayer
Booya Booya multiplayer
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