Magnet Kid

We have a large collection of games that are similar to Magnet Kid for you to play, such as Stuckfain, Evilbots Reloaded, Uirdz and many more.

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Revive Revive action
Perspective Perspective action
Death Count Death Count action
Confound Confound action
Uirdz Uirdz action
The Mind The Mind action
Time Fcuk Time Fcuk action
Costume Kid Costume Kid action
Looper Looper action
Chipset 0 Chipset 0 action
Sneaky Dex Sneaky Dex action
Stuckfain Stuckfain action
Simudroids Simudroids action
Husk Husk action
Hubris Hubris action
iBOT iBOT action
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